Made in Austria

Austria is known worldwide not only for its cultural history, its breathtaking landscapes and its beautiful cities. Austria is also connoted with highest standards of food. Manufacturing all products exclusively in Austria, the family owned company Manner makes its sweet contribution to this delightful tradition.

Chocolate tradition since 1890

What makes Manner cocoa and Manner chocolate so unique is the in-house production starting from the roasting of the cocoa beans. Manner’s special roasting process gives the chocolate distinct flavours and a unique taste. This approach towards chocolate production is as unique as the taste, and hardly found within other confectionery manufacturers today.

To reach the delicate flavour and high creaminess of Manner chocolate, the roasted cocoa beans go through a fine grinding process and the process of conching. During the conching the roasted and grinded cocoa beans are stirred up to 24 hours! This process is represented by the Manner chocolate quality label – which stands for the highest quality of Manner chocolate.

Best ingredients for best quality

The quality of all Manner products does not only result from the unique Manner chocolate. In order to create delightful sweets, all other ingredients are of highest quality as well. The use of natural flavours, such as the real Bourbon vanilla extract, guarantees a delicious, natural taste. Furthermore, we do not use any hydrogenated fats for our products, and last but not least, all Manner products are free from artificial colours or preservatives!