Manner Original Neapolitan family pack

Delicious flavours to delight family and friends!

In the year 1898 Josef Manner I invented the Manner Original Neapolitan Wafer: five layers of crispy, paper-thin wafers and four layers of the finest hazelnut-chocolate-cream filling with 12% hazelnuts. In its 115-year history, the Manner Wafer has been an integral part of Vienna’s confectionery tradition and has become the unbeaten wafer classic.

Apart from the traditional, pocket-sized and square package, the Manner Original Neapolitan wafers are available in different pack sizes today, to ensure indulgence for all occasions. The Manner Original Neapolitan Family Pack is resealable and perfect to offer when enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with family and friends.

  • Original Austrian recipes and strict quality criteria
  • Without hydrogenate fats
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Only natural flavours
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