• Manner Story
The Manner Quality Guarantee

Since 1890 Manner fans have appreciated the high quality and the special taste of Manner sweets. The tradtional family-owned company produces exclusively in Austria and bestows great care on the products. This allows Manner to unite generations and evoke sweet memories.

Why people like Manner: 

Manner puts great emphasis on sustainable production to make sure you are able to enjoy Manner wafers in the same quality every day.

  • - Over 100 years of original Austrian recipes
  •    according to strict quality criteria
  • - No hydrogenated fats
  • - No artificial colors or preservatives
Josef Manner I. vision

„Chocolate for everyone!“

That was the dream of a man I deeply honour. With the vision of “Chocolate for everyone” in mind, Josef Manner I. founded the pink confectionary dynasty in 1890. Ever since, sweet delicacies are produced in the heart of Vienna according to the finest original recipes, and his vision is still the base of our daily business today. The company has stayed family owned – which is quite unique in today’s environment of multinational corporations.

Manner Story

Josef Manner I.- founder and marketeer

Josef Manner I. did not only give his name to the company; it was also him who decided to pack all products in pink and label them with his name in blue. From this point on, thinking of sweets is connected with pink – also known as „candy pink“ in Austria. This unique combination is still an eyecatcher on every sweets shelf!

Produced in the heart of vienna

Engaged for high quality since 1890.

The history of the world famous Manner wafers started in 1890, when Josef Manner I. opened a confectionery store in the heart of Vienna, the capital of Austria. He was selling a variety of chocolate and fig coffee. Since Josef Manner was not satisfied with the quality of high-priced chocolate available on the market, he decided to establish his own production – following his vision “Chocolate for everyone!”

Original Neapolitan wafer

The history of an Original

In the beginning, Manner Wafers were sold by piece and unpackaged. The original “Wafer No. 239” got the name “Neapolitan” – named after Naples, the origin of the fine hazelnuts that have been used in the cream filling of the wafers.

Manner Wafers were paper-wrapped and sold in tins in the early 20th century. In the 1960s, the air-tight aluminum packaging with the red tear strip was introduced. For decades, the pocket-sized Original Neapolitan wafer has been the best-seller in the Manner range of sweets. The product has become synonymous with the highest quality wafer production. It gave Manner cult status in Austria, and made the wafers popular far beyond their home country's borders.

Manner Secrets

Why do the wafers taste so delicious?

From my first day at Manner, I realized how much Manner wafers are loved around the globe. But for what reason? What is the secret? I tried hard to find one true answer. The main secrets I figured out, why everyone just likes Manner wafers, are presented in the following short movie.
In case your sweet bonds to Manner have other reasons, feel free and tell us!

Innovative company

Innovative products based on original recipies

Manner’s most valuable treasures are the secret original recipies. Our today’s exciting task is not only to preserve these sweet traditions, but as well to translate them into modern life. For this reason, we constantly develop new products for nowaday’s sweet teeth around the globe. Our latest successfully launched products address lovers of the traditional Manner Wafers and the trend of healthier nutrition – the Manner Whole Grain Wafers with 30% less sugar – and are best to accompany Manner Friends on the go – such as the Manner Cubidoo, Manner Minis or Manner Picknick Sticks!