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Since the early 19th century Manner is delivering its sweet delights far beyond the Autrian borders. In 2012, products were sold to more than 50 countries all over the world while the export quota reached 57.4 %.

In Europe Manner is market leader not only in Austria’s wafer market but in its neighbouring countries as well. Manner‘s most important export markets outside Europe are the USA, Russia, and since recent years Middle East/North Africa.

Sources: Austrian wafer market, Nielsen, Market Share Value, Retail Total (excluding discount), YTD week 52/12; German wafer market, Nielsen, Market Share Value , Retail total (excluding discount), Week 26/12; Slovenian wafer market, Nielsen, Market Share Value , Retail total (excluding discount) , YTD JJ/12


Delicate wafers from the heart of Vienna

Manner factory in Vienna - aerial photo
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The Josef Manner & Comp AG was founded in 1890 and is one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Austria today. The company is still family owned, with over a hundred years of tradition....

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